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Padre Pio Shrine and Celebration – Pictures, Pictures, Pictures


The Procession begins.

Lining up before the procession.


Preparations & blessings.

Moments before the Mass begins.

The Altar Servers and staff making preparations. Everything went very smoothly thanks to their assistance.


Fr. Brian Bachand getting everything ready before the Mass. He’s minding my Homily (in the black folder) before we begin the Mass.
Chatting with the Bishop from Iraq prior to the Padre Pio Mass.


Heading down to the Mass this morning.


Checking the cell phone for messages this morning.

Inviting brother Capuchins to pose with me.


Up on the roof.


Padre Pio celebrated mass in this room across from his bedroom for two years.


I had an opportunity to pray at Padre Pio’s Tomb today.


Thousands come to pray at Padre Pio’s Tomb.


Beautiful altar at one of Padre Pio’s Chapels.


A Padre Pio confessionale.

One of the “newer” Padre Pio Chapels in the Shrine.


A beautiful marble sculpture of Jesus and Padre Pio. It was created from a single block of marble.

Another angle…the detail was amazing.

Padre Pio’s desk in his room.

It was very moving to be in Padre Pio’s room in the Monastery.


High above the piazza.


The actual crucifix that Padre Pio was praying in front of when he received his stigmata.

7 Responses to Padre Pio Shrine and Celebration – Pictures, Pictures, Pictures


  1. Ben
    Comment by Ben | 2006/09/24 at 20:57:49

    Great blog, Cardinal Sean. The pictures are really great. Sounds like you’ve been very busy but you are probably used to that. I am sure the St. Pio mass was very moving. Who is taking all the pictures? Did you get to talk to the Bishop from Iraq about the ongoing violence in that country? Were there any people from Boston at the mass? Boston says hi and god bless.

  2. Comment by A. Morrison | 2006/09/25 at 12:01:41

    What is His Eminence doing in the photo entitled ‘padre-pio-small-chapel.jpg’ ? Is he saying Mass? I am puzzled by His Eminence’s vesture in that photo.
    Great post!

  3. Jim
    Comment by Jim | 2006/09/25 at 13:52:26

    Wow! The tomb, altar and other photos are quite beautiful. It must be very moving to be in that space. What kind of camera was used to take these photos? They came out quite well, very clear.

  4. Comment by Larry Cirignano | 2006/09/25 at 22:20:30

    Thankyou for the tour. And the reminder that everyday I should strive to be a saint.

    The pictures are magnificient.
    In all my trips to Rome I have not seen so many of the churches you mention. Im glad I threw coins in the Trevi Fountain so i can go back. Maybe if I start Labels for Jars.

    “POLITICIAN” Do you think anybody would wear it?

    Enjoy the trip

  5. Comment by Stella | 2006/09/26 at 06:05:49

    Cardinal Sean, your blog is wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and looking at the beautiful photos, especially at St Pio’s Shrine. I hope to go there one day soon, please God.
    God Bless
    Stella UK

  6. Comment by Rose Marie Benoit | 2006/09/27 at 23:28:37

    This blog is wonderful, Cardinal Sean. We were spiritually united in prayer on Sept. 23, St. Pio’s feast day and my 66th birthday. It was an emotional time during Mass in rememberance of your kindness and because it made 4 yrs. since my private vows to the eremitical prayer life. Cardinal Sean, You are in my daily prayers of thanksgiving to God. Love through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
    Rose Marie
    N. Darthmouth, MA

  7. Comment by Barry Richards | 2006/11/12 at 03:21:54

    I love this site. Please show more pictures. I love sites that give pictures. I will never be able to go to Europe . I’m to ill to make the trip, but when you post i can image myself being there. God Bless you Carinal Sean for sharing you life with us. In Prayer for you, BArry Richards

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