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Totus Tuus”….Totally Yours


Totus Tuus”….Totally Yours

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  1. Comment by Catherine | 2006/10/02 at 07:53:17

    Dear Cardinal O’Malley,
    Please pray for your friends and brother Bishop in the Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach. The Church is going through the fire again. Please remember Palm Beach in your powerful prayers, especially while in the Eternal City. May God continue to bless you. Catherine

  2. Comment by Paul Donohue | 2006/10/02 at 07:55:49

    Dear Cardinal Sean, I was glad tht you wrer able to pray at the tomb of John Paul 11, your pictures of the eternal city and different churches was truly inspiring love Paul Donohue

  3. ede
    Comment by ede | 2006/10/02 at 08:39:52

    Cardinal Sean,

    We’re also excited you are returning to Boston and thrilled to learn you’ll continue blogging. Thanks for your prayers for all of us. Thank you for sharing your journey and your thoughts. Thank you for preaching the gospel in season and out of season.

    Safe trip. Godspeed.

  4. Comment by Joe Sollecito | 2006/10/02 at 13:47:21

    Hi Cardinal Sean,

    Thanks for starting this blog. I’ve been praising God for your ministry since you were here in the Fall River diocese. My wife and I (who live in Taunton) continue to pray our Rosary intentions for holy vocations as well as for all existing Priests in ministry. We really do need good shepards … more now than ever. Keep doing whatever you can to foster that.

    Pax Christi!

  5. Comment by Andrew Dort | 2006/10/02 at 13:58:01

    Your Emminence,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us through this website. Though I don’t even belong to your diocese, I am grateful for your decision to publish this blog, I will always pray for you.

    God bless,


  6. Comment by Julie Bradley | 2006/10/02 at 15:49:16

    Dear Cardinal O’Malley,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to blog your trip to Rome. I hope many people have enjoyed it as much as I have. It has been such a visual, spiritual trip I feel as though I could have been with you. I certainly look forward to a trip to Rome some day and now know some important places I would like to visit.

    As a Catholic in the Diocese of Fall River you have been an inspiration to me for many years. I am so glad you have decided to continue your blog, even if only once a week. Catholics in the USA and around the world can continue to be taught and inspired by your holiness and knowledge.

    I feel blessed to know you and my prayers are with you, Julie.

  7. Comment by Greg Rowles OFM Cap | 2006/10/02 at 19:26:05

    Happy Feast of St Francis :)

  8. Comment by Mary Laurie | 2006/10/02 at 21:21:32

    I have enjoyed your blog from Rome.

    Even though I live in Tucson Arizona, I will continue to read your blog each Friday. Thank you for doing this.

    God bless you,

    Mary Laurie

  9. Joe
    Comment by Joe | 2006/10/02 at 21:22:14

    Your Eminence,

    Great picture! I’m hoping to make it to Rome here before too long.

    Your blog is really awesome! Its very refreshing to see a Cardinal taking advantage of technology…Its not every day you see a Prince of the Church blogging!

    As many well-wishes a person can give,

  10. RRY
    Comment by RRY | 2006/10/02 at 21:30:27

    Viva il Papa!

  11. ann
    Comment by ann | 2006/10/03 at 00:50:41

    Dear Cardinal Sean – happy Feast of St. Francis a few days early. Your amazing teaching goes to show that you should be doing MORE of it! I think you should have a holy hour once a week for Boston and incorporate your amazing teaching. We would sit at the Lord’s feet and yours to be ever closer to the heart of God and His Truth. Please Cardinal Sean – do MORE for Boston – there is MORE and your children will gather. We will press in. We need to be before the Throne as a family. What wonders our Lord will do! Let the administrators administrate and let the prayer warriors pray!

    Thank you for your love for us and please keep the teachings coming! God bless you, Ann

  12. Comment by Father Ricardo Bailey | 2006/10/03 at 11:11:24

    Your Eminence,

    I am a young priest in the Archdiocese of Atlanta and during my “free time” I usually like to look and see what’s going on in Rome. A couple of months ago, I stumbled onto a website where photographers from Rome take photos from special Church events and post them on their website. You are on that website and here is the web address for you and for all of those whom you lead and love in the Church of Boston: [’malley/default.htm.]

    Take care and may the Good Lord bless you in your work! By the way, a very happy feast day to you on St. Francis’ liturgical observance!


    Father Ricardo Bailey
    Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

  13. Comment by Rose Marie Benoit | 2006/10/03 at 11:12:24

    Beloved Cardinal Sean,
    Happy Feastday. St Pio and St Francis smile, as I do, whenever we think of you doing God’s work. You are in our prayers as we lift up your intentions to God.
    Love through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
    Rose Marie

  14. Comment by Stan Zerkowski, sfo | 2006/10/04 at 09:18:25

    Happy Feast of St. Francis, Cardinal Sean! Pax et bonum!

  15. Comment by Marianne Rhoads | 2006/10/04 at 23:06:35

    Your Eminence,
    I am so glad you will be continuing your blog – your words are inspiring and it is a great comfort to know we have such a man of prayer to lead us. I look forward to reading your words on Friday. My prayers are with you as you return to Boston. God bless you.
    Marianne – Andover MA

  16. Comment by Fr. Brian Flanagan | 2006/10/04 at 23:20:23

    Dear Cardinal O’Malley,
    It has been fun reading your blogs! What a surprise that you took this on. Good for you. Obviously the people have been enjoying it, although knowing your schedule, do you get any sleep? I felt like I was part of the trip as I am sure everyone else has that has been reading your blog. We miss you here down south. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We are really hurting as I am sure you know. God bless and Happy Feast Day! In Christ, Fr. Brian

  17. Comment by Esther | 2006/10/05 at 01:07:14

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Feast Day your Eminence, before the day was over.
    God bless,

  18. Comment by | 2006/10/05 at 07:24:45

    Querido Sean

    soy solidario en tus sueos y te acompao en la oracin

    ahora pudeo tener un “cardenal protector”, segn la Regla

    un abrazo, desde Montevideo


  19. Comment by luis | 2006/10/12 at 20:36:37

    we pray for you, for the seminary and for the diocesis in Boston.courage, the Lord rebuilt Jerusalem

  20. Comment by Mary | 2006/10/13 at 10:23:54

    I love everyone, praise you Lord.

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