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Thank You and Its Always Good To Come Home

Good morning.


In my last post on this trip in the Eternal City, Id like to share with you a moment that was very personal and moving for me.

After the baptism at St. Peters Basilica on Saturday, I was very pleased for the opportunity to visit the grave of Pope John Paul II, who named me a Bishop and sent me as Archbishop to Boston. In so many ways his ministry for 20 years has influenced the life of our Church so very much.

Its always quite moving to visit John Paul IIs final resting place. I was so happy to pray at his tomb and ask him to intercede for the Church of Boston.

Totus Tuus was the apostolic motto of Pope John Paul IIit means Totally Yours.

As I make my last post from Rome during this journey, I reflect on the events of this past week. Its been a wonderful week, very productive and also most enjoyable. It has also been spiritually reinvigorating. But, I am looking forward to getting back to Boston.

Its always good to come home.

I am very grateful that the people here in Rome and at the Vatican have been so helpful in so many wayshelpful to me and to our Church in Boston.

During my time here this week, I have prayed often for our priests and religious of Boston. I am grateful for all that they do for the Church and for Catholics of Boston.

Catholics of Boston have also been in my prayers here in the Eternal City. I am grateful for your faith and for your support for our Church. As I return, I look forward to continuing to work together with you to strengthen our Church, for the present and for future generations to come.

There is an upcoming event that may be of interest to you…We are looking forward to the arrival of the relics of St. John Vianney, coming to Boston from October 12 14. There will be events open to the public on October 13 at St. Marys Church in Waltham and October 14 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. Having the relics come to Boston is an important event for our diocesan clergy and for our seminary. St. John Vianney is the Patron of Priests, inspiring us and calling us all to pray for priests and for vocations.

I have appreciated the opportunity to communicate directly with you through my blog and to share my experiences, my work and my reflections from here in the Eternal City, as well as the celebrations and Masses that have taken place on this journey. I am very grateful for your visits and for all your comments.I welcome your thoughts and am thankful for your continued prayers and support.

With this being my last post from Rome, I am happy to announce to you that I will continue to communicate directly with you through my blog each week when I return to Boston. Its my hope to make a post once a week, on Friday of each week, starting this coming Friday. So, I invite you back to my blog and look forward to sharing and communicating with you well into the future.

Thank you again and I look forward to sharing with you next week.

Until then.

God Bless,

Cardinal Sen

51 Responses to Thank You and Its Always Good To Come Home


  1. Comment by Dennis & Betty-Ann Hickey | 2006/10/02 at 05:25:18

    Cardinal Sean,
    We are delighted that you will continue to post. This is a wonderful tool for communication.

    Have a safe trip home!

    Dennis, Betty-Ann & James Patrick Hickey

  2. Comment by friar minor | 2006/10/02 at 06:47:34

    I’m glad to hear that you will continue blogging, your Eminence. I shall leave you on my “Franciscan Blogroll”!

  3. Comment by Martha Novelly | 2006/10/02 at 06:51:32

    Dear Cardinal Sean,

    Thank you for all the time, effort and thoughtfulness you put into creating this blog to document this special trip to Rome. Through your inspirational words and beautiful photos, we were really “on the journey” with you in prayer and almost in person!

    God bless you always,
    Martha Novelly

  4. Comment by Mary Connor | 2006/10/02 at 08:08:35

    Cardinal Sean,
    What wonderful news to hear that you will continue your blog with weekly posts. We in the Boston Archdiocese are so grateful for this window of opportunity to communicate with you.
    It’s great to read your spiritual insights and then see the responses they evoke from people all over the world.
    This is a gift for the Church and a chance for Catholics and non-Catholics to better understand its incredible deposit of faith. It can be an aid for you to comment on issues that will affect our children for untold generations.
    May the guardian angels, whose feast day is today, bring you safely home.

  5. Comment by bill palin | 2006/10/02 at 08:56:04

    Welcome back to Boston, and I must say I am quite pleased to hear you are to continue blogging.

  6. Comment by Mike McCaffrey | 2006/10/02 at 08:57:24

    Cardinal Sean, I am so glad you have decided to do Friday posts on this blog. I like the “a day in the life of…” quality of these entries.

  7. Comment by Ferde Rombola | 2006/10/02 at 09:46:20

    I’m sure I speak for everyone who has visited here when I express my gratitude that you will continue this blog at least once a week. It is certain to grow as a teaching vehicle for you and us. Thanks and God bless you.

    Ferde Rombola, Beverly.

  8. Comment by Mary Mackenzie | 2006/10/02 at 11:03:58

    It is great to continue to hear about your trip to Rome. I am glad you will continue to post to this blog. I wish more of the bishops and cardinals would do so. It’s great to get a peak into your daily life.


  9. Comment by brother lesser | 2006/10/02 at 11:18:58

    I am so glad you are going to continue your blog, Cardinal Sean. We really enjoy your insight, humility and joy…

    God bless!

  10. Comment by Peter Skipper | 2006/10/02 at 11:27:09

    Cardinal Sean, it has been such a pleasure reading your posts and viewing your pictures. Thank you so much for allowing us to travel with you on this special journey to Rome. Know also that we prayed for you this past Saturday at the Youth Mass for Peace being hosted by Blessed Mother Teresa Parish, and that you are always in our prayers. God bless you.

  11. Comment by Kelly Clark | 2006/10/02 at 14:52:08

    As your journey home, may your Guardian Angel be at your side, to light, to guard, to rule, and guide. Amen.

  12. Comment by Lorraine Christman OSFA | 2006/10/02 at 15:44:56

    Thank you so very much for the blog. I will continue to view your upcomming blogs……….
    Please know that you are in my prayers…..It was truly awesome to see some of the pictures from Rome……..I am an OSF associate with The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi from Milwaukee, WI…..My dream is to someday go to Rome and Assisi but like I said that is only a dream……..
    Peace and all good……

  13. Comment by Elizabeth Howard | 2006/10/02 at 19:09:11

    I have enjoyed reading your blog very much and also enjoyed looking at the slide show of pictures taken in Rome.

    The pictures were great and made the blog so much more personal. Knowing that I will never get to Rome, made the pictures so much more enjoyable.

    Elizabeth Howard

  14. Comment by Greg Rowles OFM Cap | 2006/10/02 at 19:25:07

    Safe trip..:) Thanks for the pics and the blog

  15. Comment by Bob Kord | 2006/10/02 at 19:40:27

    Dear Cardinal Sean,

    Here in Maine, we’re in the same vacuum which continually feeds young people to the madness of mainline materialism. Would it be possible for a traveling young priest to go preach at all the parishes in your archdiocese and here in Maine about their decision to follow our Lord as His ministers of the sacraments?

    Then, 6 months later, again, again and again, to send a different young priest to give his testimony across the parishes. Keeping this up will reach a young soul to be touched by a kindred spirit willing to forsake mother and father.

    We need priests. We got to at least show young men and boys that the challenges of a priestly vocation is the most manly job he will ever be asked to accomplish.

    Thanks for reading this idea. Hope somebody can see the point of bringing the best and finest before the eyes of the next generation. They must see these young priests… to counter all the negative from the media, anti-Catholic, pleasure seekers which are in abundance.

  16. Comment by Bill Breen | 2006/10/02 at 20:01:18

    Cardinal Sen:

    Hearty congratulations on your acceptance of your titular church and on your joyous adventures in Rome.

    Even though I remained in Taunton, I felt like I was part of the entourage through the daily reports and the beautiful photographs (congratulations to the photographer!!!).

    Through your wonderful prose, I was inspired, and found myself lol! I believe that humor is one of God’s greatest gifts!

    Thanks for sharing! I hope that you’re resting up.

    Nos vemos pronto!

    Bill, Rosanne, Daniel, Charlie and David Breen

  17. Comment by Bruce McKane | 2006/10/02 at 20:37:12

    Your Eminence,
    I had the great blessing to be in Rome for Pilgrimage the last week in August, and happened to be at St Peter’s one morning when you were coming out to celebrate Eucharist at the altar where John XXIII is buried. I was thrilled to be present as you celebrated, and to be able to receive Communion from you. Then, by happenstance I was made aware of this blog. I think that it is wonderful that you are taking the time to minister to the people of Boston, and to all of us, in this way. Thank you for caring enough to share with us in this way. I hope that this might be an example to all of our Bishops as a means to stay connected to the People of God.
    Live in Peace,

  18. Comment by Br. Anthony, SSS | 2006/10/02 at 20:49:05

    Your Eminence,

    Wonderful idea to have a blog…a great way to communicate with people of my generation and the wider Church community.

    Thank you for your ministry!

    A fellow Clevelander,

  19. Comment by Andrew | 2006/10/02 at 21:26:51

    Thank you, Your Eminence, for sharing with us your experiences from your journey through the Eternal City. Your thoughts have been most edifying and the photos, glorious.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts as you return to your flock in Boston.

    May God bless you and strengthen you in your ministry and may Sts. Peter and Paul and St John Mary Vianney continue to intercede for you and the Catholic Church in Boston.

  20. RRY
    Comment by RRY | 2006/10/02 at 21:32:26

    Thank you so much for creating this blog!

  21. Comment by michael g. b. | 2006/10/02 at 21:46:40

    “Totus Tuus” . . . Pope joun Paul II was one of the biggest influences in revitalizing devotion to and reverence for The Blessed Virgin Mary both WITHIN and well as OUTSIDE the perceived boundaries of the Catholic Church . . . whenever i pray the Rosary i ask him to join me in praying it . . and in my mind i can almost hear his sonorous voice praying the prayers with me . . . it helps to know that while i am here on this earth, he is in heaven praying my prayers together with me, just as he did when he walked here with us on this pilgrimage.

    thanks for visiting his tomb . . . i’m sure his spirit remains somehow with us still.

  22. Ben
    Comment by Ben | 2006/10/02 at 21:58:34

    Thank you for this wonderful mode of communication to your flock in Boston and to the world. I am glad you will be continuing it. As others have said, your leadership and holy example keep us going. We are so happy to have you as our shepherd. God bless you always.

  23. Comment by alfredo | 2006/10/03 at 11:37:23

    Excellent blog! Welcome to the blogsphere!

  24. Comment by Fr. Mike Graham | 2006/10/03 at 12:40:34

    Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I had the opportunity to serve in the Archdiocese of Boston from 1971-1973 at Our Savior Chapel in Westgate Mass staffed by the Atonement Friars. I have very fond memories of my time in the Archdiocese and I wish you prayers and my support of the outstanding ministry you are providing the Archdiocese. May God bless and protect you in your service. I enjoy your blog and read it often. Fr. Mike Graham

  25. Comment by Jane Deger | 2006/10/03 at 20:33:16

    Thank you for sharing your time in Rome with us. Please include photos in your weekly blog so we can see you in action.

  26. Comment by brother lesser | 2006/10/03 at 23:00:31

    I prayed that God would deign to show me when it is I am his servant and when not, for I want nothing else but to be his servant. And the Lord answered most graciously: “Know that you are truly my servant when you think, do, and say what is holy.” Mirror of Perfection

    Cardinal Sean, it sounds as though St. Francis is the patron saint of bloggers!

  27. Don
    Comment by Don | 2006/10/04 at 05:35:44

    Your Eminence, Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Peace, Don & Family

  28. Comment by Mary Ann Vigilante | 2006/10/04 at 19:12:22

    Dear Cardinal Sean, October 4, 2006
    The world of Franciscanism seems to have engulfed me in the past year and has taken me on quite the adventure. Most recently a very joy filled Retreat this past weekend in Rhode Island given by the FPOs. In addition, a beautiful Transitus last evening in Maryland and now what more could bring my soul delight than a blogging Franciscan Cardinal? I was delighted to see a friend relayed your Blog sight to me. It must be part of your stress release! Im gaining much clarity of late into the joy filled spirit of Holy Father Francis and his Friars! May Our Lady of Victory, my favorite title of Our Blessed Mother, in whom we celebrate as Our Lady of the Rosary on Saturday, continue to keep you very close to Her Most Immaculate Heart on this very special Feast Day of St. Francis and always!
    Mary Ann Vigilante TFPO

  29. Comment by Bonnie | 2006/10/06 at 11:26:18

    Your Emminence,

    Sometime during the spring or summer I read that there would be some changes with some of the responses during the Mass, restoring those common when it was first said in English. Is there a time line for this change?

    At almost 50 I think I am among the youngest of those who remember the Mass in Latin and first received the Holy Eucharist during a Latin Mass. Within my circle, there are many who find fault with the present day Church citing Vatican II changes. They seek out the Latin Mass and attend faithfully preferring this over the “Novus Ordo” Mass. Is there a plan or thought for closing this division? Any division cannot be good and I am certain that children who are caught in this sort of cross fire can be totally confused and can be at risk of losing faith.


  30. Comment by Paul Cwynar | 2006/10/06 at 15:42:04

    On the Feast of St. Francis I prayed for you and the Caps in Pittsburgh as well as the Holy Name Province Franciscans who taught me well at Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, NY. I am quite grateful for the ministry of the many Franciscan orders.

  31. Comment by marsha anne | 2006/10/06 at 23:24:54

    Cardinal Sean Patrick——Greetings from Denver and your Capuchin family here!!
    YOur blog is just a delight!! You have such a gift with words, not to mention reading all of this and enjoying the beautiful pictures—–it was such a spiritual experience that I was brought to tears!! Thank you for taking the time to do this! It brought back memories of my own short trip to Rome and Assisi!
    What a blessing you are to the Archdiocese Boston!!!!

  32. Comment by Mary Clancy | 2006/10/07 at 19:34:20

    Your Eminence,
    I am impressed with your effort to make use of technology as another way to reach your people.
    May it be a fruitful endeavor.
    I will pray for you and your success in all that you do.
    And, I will continue to check in on your blog when I can.:)
    God Bless
    Mary Clancy

  33. EC
    Comment by EC | 2006/10/08 at 12:07:47

    Cardinal Sean,
    Great blog! We are keeping you in prayer. I know that responding to your vocation has called you to many tough challenges. You have much support. Pope John Paul II pray for us. Mary, Queen of the Friars Minor, assist us. amen.
    Peace and good.

  34. Comment by adalberto “al” martinez | 2006/10/08 at 12:51:22

    Dear Cardinal Sean,

    Welcome to cyberspace !

    My trip to Rome to participate in your elevation to cardinal was indeed one of the highlights of my life.

    As I was preparing for the journey my family informed me my Godmother , Silvia, was losing her battle with cancer. Silvia asked me to get her a papal blessing. Her petition surprised me as her relationship with the “institutional church” had never been a closed one.

    Thanks to the expeditious acts of a good personal friend of mine-a Jesuit priest who works at Vatican Radio-I was able to bring back the papal blessing she had requested.

    Upon receiving it, Silvia framed the blessing and a special connection surfaced with it. In May she passed away, but her faith had been rekindled.

    It is said that God works through people and circumstances in ways sometimes our limited minds have a hard time comprehending. I am a firm believer in that. There is no such thing as coincidence or chance. We may say so as part of our of daily outlook of life, but deep down the hand of God is at work. Faith in someone bigger than us helps us understand what otherwise is labled by the world as incomprehensible.

    For me my trip to Rome in March was much more than attending a consistory. It was a pilgrimage to bring back a bit of the universal faith that unite all Catholics from around the world.

    At the consistory, and right behind me, sat a small, but joyful and vivacious, delegation from Africa. Dressed in colorful garments they cheered their cardinal. As he received the “red biretta” from the Holy Father, they stood up and and clapped vigorously. Those sitting around our African Catholic brothers and sisters rose to the ocassion and joined them in thunderous applause. It was an instant and natural reaction and , perhaps, one of the greatest moments of the consistory.

    To survive in Africa the Church must struggle sometimes against incredible obstacles, yet these people conveyed a joy that at times I find missing in the Church of the First World. Perhaps we have too much, perhaps we need, and using a popular secular word-downsize.

    The same thing happened when I saw, after more than 30 years, my namesake from Paraguay, Bishop Adalberto Martinez. Fortunately we were able to share some moments together and it was as if I had seen him the day before. He is the same man, heart and soul, I met more than 34 years ago in Washington, D.C.

    Christ is timeless, that is what makes Him so special. For Him, there is no beginning or no end. He is here forever, and at the end of our time on Earth He will be the one holding us in the palm of His hands for the final journey.

    If there is an assurance reaffirmed in Rome in March is that, as you once told me, ” Christ Is and not was”, like all the other luminary figures of humankind who have lived through the centuries.

    Rest assured “Padre Sean” that in your mission as Cardinal and Archbishop of Boston your American and worldwide friends are always with you.


    The Other Adalberto

  35. Comment by adalberto “al” martinez | 2006/10/08 at 13:02:11

    Dear Cardinal Sean,

    What was reaffirmed solidly at your consistory in March is that, unlike all the luminary figures who have influenced humankind through the centuries, ” Christ Is”. He is timeless and will be the One holding us in the palm of His hands on our final journey.

    You are not alone in your mission as Cardinal and Archbishop of Boston. Your American and worldwide friends will always be with you in faith and prayer.


    Al or “the other Adalberto”
    Bedford, Texas

  36. Comment by FrJESUS ESCORCIA | 2006/10/09 at 10:00:06

    Querido cardenal…Que alegria he sentido al ver su una hermosa iniciativa que ud tiene.Soy sacerdote en la diocesis de Oakland, colombiano por nacimiento,y pido a Dios sostenga este maravilloso proyecto que Ud.tiene. Me encomiendo a sus oraciones. Fr,Jesus Escorcia

  37. Comment by DEACON HENRY FIERST | 2006/10/09 at 12:39:12

    Congratulations on your blog, I think it’s a great idea. Also want to thank you for your address at the KofC convention. I will pray for your continued success.

  38. Comment by Salvador Almonte | 2006/10/09 at 14:25:58

    Hello your Eminence:

    I do not know if you remember me. I used to work with Mario as one of his assistants.

    I am very happy to see the progress that your leadership has done to the Church in America.

    I my self strayed from the Church for about 3 years due to anger and fustration with the current and past situation in my parish of Sts Peter & Paul but none the less , I am happy to say that thanks to Priests as yourself and good Christian people, I am back to the home that never abandoned me.

    I just want to see thank you for being an example to all of us during hard times.

    May the peace of the Lord be with you.


  39. Comment by Mary Hayes | 2006/10/09 at 16:32:43

    Dear Cardinal Sean,
    As a former Bostonian, now living in Atlanta, Ga, let me tell you how much I enjoyed reading your comments and the comments of readers. May God bless you as you touch lives by your words and your prayers. I will continue to stay in touch with the Church in Boston in the years to come. Please pray for the members of my family who no longer practice the rich Catholic faith. I have great hope.

    In Christ, Mary

  40. Comment by Roberto | 2006/10/09 at 19:00:12

    Dear Cardinal, this is Roberto Mauricio, from Framingham( Saint Tarcisius church) , Congratulations on assuming saint Mary of victory church, I pray to GOD everyday so that the leaders of our church become true servants of Crist our LORD… May GOD grant you a lot of wisdom to deal with all diferent situations that a Cardinal has to deal.
    May this blog be a tool to bring you closer to the flock that GOD has entrusted you.
    If our community can do anything to serve the church in Boston, and help you in any way , you can count on us…
    Truly yours in Christ the LORD…

  41. Comment by Noel Cordero | 2006/10/09 at 19:11:18

    Dear Cardinal O’Malley. I am so happy that you have a blog here. For us American ROMAN Catholics to be able to coomunicate with a CAPUCHIN Prince of the Church WOW! What a blessing. You are one of my faorite US Bishops, the other two: Of Lincoln, Nebraska, and Archbishop Chaput (your fellow Capuchin) he too is marvelous! We need Bishops as you all to ENFORCE the Magisterial Vatican documents and who are faithful in DEED to Benedict XVI.
    Your Eminence, I have a question, I am a young adult here in Manhattan, New York City who attends the INDULT Tridentine Latin Mass (as you know Ecclesia Dei exhorts Bishops to allow a generous application of the Trdaitional Mass of the 1962 books) here in the Archdiocese of New York, and my question is: Do you know when the Holy Father (as it has been said he will) will allow the UNIVERSAL INDULT for priests to offer this Mass? I and my friends here, both young adults male and female LOVE that Mass, and other friends sad to say, because their diocese does NOT offer the INDULT, have gone to the Society of Saint Pius X. BUT, we want to stay united to the Hoily Father and Rome, united to Peter.
    Thank you for the time you take to answer whis legitimate question of mine. I will offer as well my daily Rosry for you.
    Asking humbly for your Eminences’ blessing, Noel.

  42. Comment by Bill Gagne | 2006/10/09 at 19:46:59

    Your Eminence Cardinal Sean, Your new blog has answered a a great question for me. I was visiting Rome on vacation during the period from September 22 to 25. While returning from a restaurant near the Pantheon on the evening of Sunday the 24th, I saw an individual pass by me dressed in a brown robe. This person looked incredibly familiar as a member of the Boston Archdiocese, yet I did not want to cause embarrassment to myself or to the person whom I thought I had passed by.

    Now that I have seen your new blog, it has been confirmed that it was indeed my Cardinal Sean. I also noted that you had presented several photos of Chiesa Il Gesu. My travelling party attended morning mass at this wonderful Church.

    Congratulations on your suuccessful visit to Rome. It is a truly unique and inspiring experience.

    Best wishes

  43. Comment by Mary | 2006/10/09 at 20:15:35

    Cardinal Sean, thanks for the blog. I think it’s a great idea. I have a question. Why do extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist receive before the rest of the church is invited to the table? As a woman who often feeds family and friends, I find the order of communicants at Mass to be puzzling. It seems to me that Jesus would have fed the crowds first.
    Best wishes.

  44. Comment by Katherine Clyde | 2006/10/09 at 20:47:57

    Cardinal Sean: I am a convert from 1979 right after JPII was installed. I was a hippie communist from the Vietnam era from Berkeley. I was overcome with awe concerning JPII’s use of the media and the innovations he expressed during his reign. I feel somehow that he may have been influential in getting OL of Fatima to get me to use the Fatima water and Montfort book on the Rosary that made me steal a 3rd grade Baltimore Catechism from St. Francis at Madison Sq. Garden that convinced me in Bellvue Hospital that Jesus is God’s Son by nature not just an appointee in the bureucracy of the divine hierarchy. So I was totally carried away by all of JPII’s influential dealings with media and I appreciate that a Cardinal is not usually apparent in the form of a blog. However, I really think it fits. I personally don’t know much about blogs, but I figure you have a lot to say. I have heard much of concern about Boston, but I imagine that the interviews of Bishops with JPII on the Springtime of Evangelization (Holy Cow!) and your own insights and expressive manner will solve all of that and kick in with some feedback from those who are concerned, us. Thanks for blogging, keep it up.

  45. Comment by Amelia Rosales | 2006/10/10 at 00:32:33

    Wow!!! A Capuchin Cardinal who blogs!!!
    I belong to a small church in Passaic, NJ – Our Lady of Mt Carmel – pastored by Capuchin friar.
    Links in blogosphere spread your blog.
    Just a suggestion, maybe a group blog of like minded friars and priest is in order for continuity and immediacy of events and happenings of your archdiocese and the Catholic Church in general.
    How did a Capuchin friar became a Cardinal? How does the Church integrate Jesuits, Redemptorists, Salesian, diocesian priests and other religious orders? Maybe it can be relayed to Shia, Sunni and other Muslim sects how to get along.
    Thank you for taking the time to blog, Cardinal Sean.

  46. Comment by Robert J. Walsh | 2006/10/10 at 02:21:11

    Your Eminence,
    I am very happy to see that you wear your habit most of the time. You are a true son of Saint Francis.
    May God bless Your Eminence.

  47. Comment by Rick | 2006/10/10 at 10:46:09

    I want to thank you for your efforts of evangilism and love for the Church. I know that the Spirit will be with you now and always.

    De Colores!!

  48. Comment by Patricia Samodelov | 2006/10/10 at 12:39:09

    Cardinal Sean, I am delighted that you will begin to communicate with those of us in the pews of Boston and environs.
    I have long been aware of church arcitecture and artifacts, and have become deeply concerned with what happens to the majority of statues, stained glass windows, musical organs and other parts of the churches that have been closed. A few years ago an article appeared in “The Boston Sunday Globe” that said when Sts. Peter and Paul Church closed in South Boston and was converted into condominiums, the Stations of the Cross were left in the basement to be sold for “atmosphere” to any condo resident who wished to purchase them, one by one. I felt a sense of humiliation for us when I read that. Can you tell me what really does happen to those things that our ancestors purchased with the donations they made to Boston`s churches so long ago? I was baptised in St. Agatha`s and this is still my parish nearly seventy-two years later.

  49. Comment by Carolyn Sirrico | 2006/10/10 at 16:07:44

    Dear Cardinal Sean:
    I wish to let you know that I am at St. Clare’s Home in Hyannis, and we have a picture of you in the hallway. I understand that you were a help with St. Clare’s, and I need to say that it is truely a spiritual house. I have found Jesus again since coming here, and I did a Cursillo also. I want you to know that I hope the Spirit is always with you. God Bless

  50. Comment by Karen Danish | 2006/10/10 at 17:27:54

    Thank you so much to be accessible!!!!!

  51. Comment by Dom Luis Pepeu,ofmcap. | 2006/10/11 at 20:47:22

    Eminncia: Paz e Bem!
    Parabns por sua pgina na internet, dando contas de sua peregrinao ao Santurio do Padre Pio e Cidade Eterna.
    Gostei de ter visto a tumba do nosso saudoso Papa Joo Paulo II, simples como o foi ele mesmo.
    Minha sugesto que esta pgina pudesse estar tambm no idioma Portugus.
    Fraternalmente, + Luis Pepeu

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