Celebrating our Cristo Rey schools

Hello and welcome,

This past Thursday, the Catholic Church lost one of its greatest priests and intellectual giants. Father Richard John Neuhaus was a theologian who strove for holiness, and who brought the truth of the Gospel to the arena of public life. With Catholics everywhere, I am profoundly grateful for the brilliant work that Father Neuhaus achieved for the intellectual life of the Church.


As a convert from the Lutheran faith to Catholicism, he continued to maintain healthy ties with Evangelical Christianity, a relationship that enabled him to become a leading voice for the Church in the area of ecumenical dialogue. As we prepare to say “goodbye” to one of God’s holy and faithful priests, we pray that the Lord will look with kindness on this holy servant.


– – –

Saturday, I was glad to confer consecration upon a new consecrated virgin, Joan McCann, at the chapel of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. We currently have 14 consecrated virgins in the archdiocese and there are more than 150 in the United States.


This ancient practice allows women to follow their special calling of complete consecration to God in the state of virginity, and to serve God’s people, the Church.


As the Church grew, and the number of religious orders expanded and third order groups were established, the practice died out because of the number of other options available. 


Today, we are seeing the practice is now being revived, since it was formally restored in 1970. It is a great gift to us.

The Cardinal praying over my hands

These women remain in the world living amongst us and yet, they are not of this world because of their special devotion to Christ. One of the gifts they bring to us is that these women make special time in their lives for the entire community.


– – –

Sunday morning, we celebrated a Mass in honor of the 125th anniversary of St. Michael’s Parish in Lowell. It is a large and vibrant parish.






Many priests and deacons were there, as well as many of the Dominican sisters who for many years taught and administered the parish’s school.

StM_L_IMG_1712 They had a nice display on the history of the parish

StM_L_IMG_1704St. Michael is the home parish of our Chief Development Officer Scot Landry.  Here’s Scot with Ray Lantagne

StM_L_IMG_1709 At the Mass, the parish’s Kenyan choir that sang beautifully

StM_L_IMG_1725 Midge Landry and Christina Perron

StM_L_IMG_1727With Jamie and Christine Masse and their beautiful children


StM_L_IMG_1722Mayor Edward “Bud” Caulfield was also there and he read a citation from the City of Lowell to mark the occasion as well.  With Mayor Caulfield is the pastor, Father Al Capone

– – –

On Sunday night, the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master hosted me and a number of priests for an Epiphany gathering at their convent on West Street in Downtown Boston. After praying together we went upstairs for a great meal, lots of laughter, and a Christmas Carol Sing-Along. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas!


– – –

Monday, I made my annual visit to MCI-Framingham, the oldest active women’s prison in the country. Although the buildings are very old, the programs and services there are quite up-to-date.

MCI_Fram_Picture 070

With Sgt. Crystal Johnson, the Chaplain Sister Maureen Clark and Officer Marisa Filice

I was very impressed with the wonderful training programs available. There is even a program through which the women can earn a bachelor’s degree from Boston University, which was started by Dr. John Silber many years ago.During my visit, I met one of the students in the program who will be graduating with her degree soon.

There are also training programs that make it possible for the women to enter a number of occupations, including the fields of cosmetology and food service. All the trainees receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

The women training to work in the food service industry prepared a lovely luncheon for us.

MCI_Fram_Picture 057

MCI_Fram_Picture 058

MCI_Fram_Picture 059

We had Mass at the prison’s old chapel, which has a beautiful stained glass window depicting “The Canticle of Brother Sun and Sister Moon,” by St. Francis.

MCI_Fram_Picture 064

Afterwards, I met with the women living in solitary confinement, and then with women on work release and those preparing to be released.

Together, we had a nice dialogue and shared a prayer.

It was a wonderful day. The prison guards and officials are always so accommodating, especially Superintendent Lynn Bissonnette and Deputy Superintendent Joseph Murphy.

– – –

Later that day I met the chairwoman of the Anti-Defamation League’s New England regional board, Esta Gordon Epstein, and the new regional director, Derek Shulman.

During our meeting, they gave me copy of a new book, “My Jewish Friend,” which the ADL is now using in various outreach and educational programs.


It was also good to see Dianne Rosenbaum again. Dianne is the senior associate director of ADL New England and last St. Patrick’s Day she brought a group of Jewish students to meet me.

– – –

Tuesday, we hosted a reception at the Pastoral Center in appreciation of the success of the two high schools in the archdiocese that have adopted the Cristo Rey educational model: North Cambridge Catholic High School and Notre Dame High School in Lawrence.

The Jesuit priest who founded the Cristo Rey movement, Father John Foley, spoke to us about how he conceived of this unique approach which places inner-city high school students in professional and corporate internships. The money they earn through the internships offsets a good portion of their tuition.

Pilot photo/ Gregory L. Tracy

Recently, President Bush honored Father Foley with the Presidential Citizens Medal, the nation’s second-highest civilian honor, for the movement he founded 13 years ago.


Pilot photo/ Gregory L. Tracy

I made remarks, but the real purpose of the speaking program, which was hosted by Mary Grassa O’Neill, our Superintendent of Catholic schools, was to spread the message of the concrete results of Cristo Rey’s success here.


In addition to remarks from Robert McCarthy, the president of North Cambridge Catholic and Sister Mary Murphy, the president of Notre Dame, we heard from students who are in the schools.

Joseph Lewis from North Cambridge and Lourdes Ramos from Notre Dame are both seniors and they shared what Cristo Rey has meant to them, their families and the other students.

CristoRey_IMG_1577Joseph Lewis

Pilot photo/ Gregory L. Tracy Lourdes Ramos

The principals of both schools, Father Jose Media at NCC and Thomas Ryan at NDHS were both introduced and met with people afterwards. It was great to see both of them.

Thomas O’Neill III also made remarks.


Tom has been a great leader on the board of North Cambridge Catholic and has helped raised money for the program and signed up an incredible number of businesses who have given jobs to these students. He is a great ambassador for Cristo Rey.

Pilot photo/ Gregory L. Tracy



– – –

Wednesday afternoon, we met at the Brighton motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph with the provincials of women’s religious orders here in the archdiocese. The purpose of the meeting was to follow up on the symposium hosted by Stonehill College last fall on consecrated life in the Church.

It was also an opportunity to present them with a new book prepared as part of our Bicentennial Year on the history of religious orders in the archdiocese over the last two centuries.

– – –

That evening I visited with senior priests living at the Regina Cleri residence in Boston’s West End. This was our annual Christmas visit and we were joined by a number of auxiliary bishops and active priests.


Before the dinner, the priests concelebrated the Mass with me. It was moving to see the pews filled with my brother priests vested and participating with me.





I was surprised and thrilled to meet a number of priests leaving for new assignments with the St. James Society for missions in Latin America.


Msgr. Finbar O’Leary, who is the society’s outgoing president, brought them around to meet me and made the introductions.

I would like to acknowledge the outstanding leadership of Msgr. Finbar. He has done such a amazing job during his tenure, which included the celebration of the St. James Society’s 50th anniversary.

Monsignor told me that he is looking forward to returning to Ecuador, where he will be assigned and where he hopes to establish a L’Arche program.

The L’Arche communities are group homes where people with and without disabilities live together and enrich each other’s lives. The movement was founded in France by Jean Vanier in 1964.

I have every confidence that he will be successful and we wish him well.

– – –

It was very moving to celebrate one of the most ancient rites of the Church Wednesday night with the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. They are part of the cathedral’s parish family and together we marked their Feast of the Epiphany. In their countries, this is their actual celebration of Christmas.




I was joined for the more than three-hour Mass by Father Abina, who was accompanied by a Capuchian friar who is visiting from Eritrea, whose sister lives in the parish. One of our seminarians, an Ethiopian, Mammas Habtegiorgis, was there, too. It was a treat for members of this community to meet one of their own on his way to becoming a priest. It is always a beautiful celebration.


After the Mass, they had a great meal, which started around Midnight. I spoke to them and gave them my blessing. It was wonderful to hear them sing Christmas carols to me in their native language accompanied by the drums!


Until next week, blessings to you all!

Cardinal Seán

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  1. Sr. Maureen Clark, CSJ, is a one-woman force of faith, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of incarcerated women for many years, most notably at MCI-Framingham. Besides the educational and employment training opportunities at the prison mentioned by the cardinal, Sr. Maureen provides a host of spiritual events–from one-on-one spiritual direction, to weekly inspirational talk and discussion presentations by noted, outside speakers, to retreats, and most especially weekly Mass. She single-handedly coordinates a program that provides mentoring and support to women after their release. This vital benefit is not funded or provided by the state. Thank YOU, Sr. Maureen, for your love for and dedication to these women.

  2. Dear Cardinal O’Malley,
    What a beautiful blog you have! It’s so nice to read about your experiences and apostolate, and to see pictures. May God continue blessing you and working through you.

    Christ’s Peace,

    P.S.: Can’t wait to meet you during your visit to Magdalen College!

  3. Dear Cardinal Sean,

    My name is Coleman McCarron and I attend BC high this year as a freshman. First off I want to give my condolences for the loss of Father Richard. As you probably know BC high is a Jesuit school so I found it very interesting the part of your blog about Father Foleys involvement with the Cristo Rey movement. I also enjoyed the part about the L’Arche communities that Msgr. O’leary is involved with.


  4. Dear cardinal sean,
    i am so sorry about the passing of Father Richard John Neuhaus.
    It is very interesting that there are 150 consecrated virgins in the United States. I loved seeing the pictures of the church at Christmas. It is very pretty.
    From, shannon

  5. what a delight to see all the events.it gives new light to a dark world and hope for catholic christians.

    our catholic faith is full of ritual and joy it elevates the whole person.
    i imagine those who may be downcast if they look and see it will give them new hope and courage.

  6. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I’m a huge fan of your blog and just wanted to thank you this week for including the photo of My Jewish Friend. Our editorial team is very proud of this book–and of our local author, Celia Sirois!
    God bless you and all your good work in our Archdiocese.
    You’re in our prayers,
    Sr. Christina Miriam
    Children’s Editor
    Pauline Books & Media

  7. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I was sorry to hear about Father Richard John Neuhaus passing away. I will make sure that I keep him in my prayers.

    I wanted to congratulate Joan McCann on becoming a consecrated virgin. She is somebody to look up to for following her calling from God!

    St. Michael’s Parish in Lowell looked stunning! They did a wonderful job decorating for Christmas!

    I look forward to hearing you next blog!
    7th grade student at St. Paul School in Hingham

  8. I am sorry for the loss of your friend and fellow priest. My name is Mikayla McGrath and I’m in 7th grade at St. Paul school in Hingham Massachusetts and we would very much appriciate it if you came to our school to visit us. The food at the bottom that was prpared for you and the others there looks delicious. Also I can’t wait till ” My Jewish Friend” comes to my local bookstore. Thankyou for this exiting blog! I look forward to the next one
    Thank You,
    Mikayla McGrath

  9. Dear Cardinal Sean,

    I am a student of Saint Paul School in Hingham, Massachusetts.After reading your blog, I thought is was fantastic how those women decided to stay devoted to God and pure to their bodies. The picture of the Nativity scene was BEAUTIFULLY decorated. After seeing those dishes of food, I almost wanted them for myself, they looked delicious! : ) Once again, this was a fantastic blog.


  10. Hello,

    I am George Whitley a freshman at BC High. I was really intrigued reading your blog. Some of the work you do I had no idea priests did. I was particularly impressed by the programs set up at the women’s prison. It also seems you get to meet a lot of wonderful people, especially the senior priests.


  11. It looks like Cardinal Sean had another very busy week! It was sad to read about Father Richard’s passing. He seems like he was a faithful servant of God and a wonderful man. Cardinal Sean must have had a wonderful time with the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master. He was treated with food and singing! I would have loved to hear the Christmas carols that were sung at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

  12. Hello, I am an eight-grade student at St. Paul School in Hingham. I was sad to read about Father Richard’s passing. He seems like he was a faithful servant of God and a wonderful man. It seemed as if Cardinal Sean had a wonderful time with the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master. It looks like Cardinal Sean had another very busy week!

  13. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Father Richard John Neuhaus. I will make sure to keep him in my prayers.
    I am also very glad that you and other parish parishioners are keeping these ancient Catholic rituals alive. It is important for them not to die out because they are a part of the religion and Catholic History. Thanks for another great blog!
    Celene, a 7th Grade student attending St. Paul School

  14. Cardinal Sean –

    I am very sorry for the loss of Father Richard John Neuhaus.

    The Mass for the 125th Anniversary of St. Michael’s Parish must have been wonderful. It looks like a beautiful Church. I loved the Nativity Scene. I also liked the displays of the Parish’s history.

    It sounds like the women’s prison has a great program, and a great Church, too. What was it like visiting the women in solitary confinement?

    I hope you have a blessed week.

    – Kate, Grade 7, St. Paul School, Hingham MA

  15. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I am so sorry about the loss of Father Richard John Neuhaus. Father Foley must of been quite honored to receive the nation’s second-highest civilian honor from President Bush. I hope that you are doing well and I enjoy you blogs!

    God bless you,

    St. Paul School
    Hingham MA

  16. Dear Cardinal Sean,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog this week. I am very sorry about the loss of Father Neuhaus. I look foward to reading your next blog. -Mackenzie

  17. Dear Cardinal Sean,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Father Richard John Neuhaus. He will be missed greatly. St. Michael’s Parish looks so beautiful! The book my Jewish friend looked interesting. Congradulations to North Cambridge Catholic High School and Notre Dame High School in Lawrence and Father Foley!

    God Bless!,
    Lindsey, a 7th grader at St.Paul school

  18. Cardinal Sean, I am sorry to here about the loss of Father Richard John Neuhaus, he seemed like a great person, I hope he enjoys the rest of his life with God.

    Grade 7
    St.Paul’s School Hingham

    I hope you visit us soon!

  19. Dear Cardinal Sean,

    I appreciate all that you share with us through your Blog. As always, I am amazed over all that you accomplish in the course of a day, a week, etc. I pray that our Good Lord will keep you healthy and wise during this New Year 2009.

    Gratefully, Sr Cécile in Moncton NB Canada

  20. Dear Cardinal Sean,

    I think it is great how the MCI-Framingham has a program through Boston University which gives women the chance to earn a bachelor’s degree while they are still in prison. It is a excellent opportunity for women to turn their life around. I think it is good how the women who get their degrees can have a variety of career opportunities after they get out of prison.


  21. Happy New Year, Your Eminence.

    The loss of Father Neuhaus is heartbreaking. He is irreplaceable and we will need his intercession over the next 4 years.

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