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On Wednesday March 6th, the Cardinals agreed to enter a period of public silence about their discussions in their General Congregation meetings to prepare for the upcoming conclave.
Therefore Cardinal Seán is unable to Blog this week. Cardinal Sean’s staff has asked Scot Landry, secretary for Catholic media at the Archdiocese of Boston and host of The Good Catholic Life daily radio program, to write a guest post.
Scot is currently in Rome to cover these events for various Archdiocesan media organizations.  To read Scot’s post, please click HERE.

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  1. Somos un grupo de antiguos alumnos capuchinos de las provincias unificadas de España que, como seglares y en contacto con quienes fueron nuestros profesores de filosofñia y teología, hemos seguido los acontecimientos de este cónclave y la elección del papa Francisco, con quien encontramos ciertas afinidades, por lo que queremos animarlo en sus responsabilidades, si el nuevo gobierno de la iglesia, presidido por el papa, tuviera a bien confiarle alguna responsabilidad para el nuevo tiempo, que se inaugura con la presente elección de su santidad.
    El papa Francisco ha pedido oraciones por el éxito de la igelsia a toda la cristiandad. Nosotros se las concedemos, a la vez que esperamos pueda reconducir, con nuevo giro -sobre todo de pobreza y humildad- la barca del pescador, a la vez que reforma la casa vaticana de la Porciúncula.
    Le deseamos toda la Paz y el bien, en Cristo Jesús, hermano cardenal O´Malley. Gracias por acogernos.

  2. Eminenza, vivo e lavoro a Napoli, città nella quale speravamo ardentemente che Lei divenisse Papa. Complimenti continui nella sua opera di evangelizzazione, la seguiamo sempre con affetto.

  3. I just wanted to say, Cardinal – how much you look like two of the Rabbi’s I use to work with as a Hebrew Teacher prior to retiring. I think your sense of humor regarding the Pope is just too funny. Thanks for your caring of the “flocks” of the world. B’shalom!!!!

  4. Cardinal OMalley
    I am saddened that your brother Cardinals did not feel the Holy Spirits strong favor for you as Pope. I have moved from Cape Cod to St Augustine Fl and surely miss your presence. I felt that The Lord would surely chose you as Holy Father for you have healed the church in Massachusetts and exude an openness for ALL Catholics to come back to the Church. I know you would have done that worldwide as Pope. I pray The Lord looks with favor on you and maybe someday you can come to St Augustine and I can see you again. With much love Anne Venezia

  5. Estimado Cardenal, mi nombre es luis martinez soy venezolano y terciario franciscano seglar, desde el anuncio del conclave me converti en su seguidor y he revisado sobre usted . mis respetos y admiracion . Lamento que su bloogg no tenga texto en español .

    Que dios y nuestro padre san francisco lo guie.


  6. My deepest prayers, love and congratulations on your very important part in the papal conclave. May the Lord keep you safe on your journey home. We love you over here in America and you have always been an inspiration to my daughter and I.

  7. Hola padre,deseo y rezo para que usted sea el nuevo papa….que Dios le bendiga.cristina teixido .barcelona.

  8. Padre, el verano pasado tuve la oportunidad de visitar la Catedral de Santa María de la Victoria de Malaga, nada más entrar, me invadió una sensación extraordinaria de pena, me eche a llorar como nunca jamás lo habia echo. Supe que algo especial iba a pasar, porque a mi llanto le precedio la alegria de saber que algo muy especial iba a pasar. Soy muy creyente, no practicante porque creo en Dios, hoy ferviente seguidora de Nuestra Señora la Virgen de la Victoria (Nuestra madre). Pero por desgracia he perdido la fe en el hombre. REZO PARA QUE USTED, SEA NUESTRO NUEVO PAPA, Y DE ESTA MANERA ME DEVUELVA LA FE QUE HE PERDIDO EN LA IGLESIA Y EN EL HOMBRE. Mª Pilar Monzón Caudevilla -Zaragoza -(España)

  9. Espero que você seja o nosso novo Papa. Vou rezar por si.
    I hope you will be our new Pope. I’ll pray for you.

  10. I wish you (and myself) being the new Pope… I pray, but I also keep my fingers cross. Best regards from Poland.

  11. Cardinal Sean,

    Although you can not communicate with us at this time, please know you are not alone. I pray that the Holy Spirit comforts you and gives you strength now and forever after. I am thankful that you walk with us and for us in the field of our Lord. Whatever road you travel, may you always be found for you are not alone.
    God Bless You!
    John Alden
    Boston, Massachusetts

  12. Pido, constantemente al Santo Espíritu para que os ilumine.
    Rezo a Santa María, nuestra Madre, para que guíe a todos.
    Rezo a Jesús para que seáis capaces de andar sobre las aguas turbulentas en las que vivimos.
    Y, también rezo al Santo de Asis, para que el nuevo Papa sea serio y alegre a la vez, con un alma generosa y, preocupado por tanta pobreza.
    Y, citando a mi querido Francisco de Asis

    “El Señor os bendiga y os guarde, os muestre su faz y tenga piedad de vosotros
    Vuelva a vosotros su rostro y os dé la paz. Amén

    En el espíritu de Francisco, ¡que Dios te bendiga hermano O’Malley!

    Un abrazo en nuestro Señor

  13. Cardinal Séans, I ‘m praying. I hope that God bles our church and you gonna be our new pope.

  14. Dear Cardinal,
    I have never met you but I have read your blog for quite a while. I got so happy and excited seeing you as you walked to the altar in the Mass Pro eligendo pontifice. My prayers are that the Holy Spirit may find you suitabe for the new pontificate in accordance to his will.

  15. Buongiorno cardinale,
    chi le scrive è una pecora smarrita che grazie all’aiuto di alcune persone sta ritrovando la via del signore.
    Le auguro di tutto cuore che lei sia il prossimo pastore della chiesa cattolica e , come ha già fatto a boston , riesca a risollevarla.
    Con affetto , Pierfrancesco

  16. I hope that u’ve been a Pope. I pray about it. You are the best. Have a nice conclave 🙂

  17. Dear Cardinal Seán,
    I am sure this is not the “corrrect” way of addressing you but I do not know how to do it. I am so glad I found your page!! and have been reading it for quite some minutes now and find it so very interesting that you being a Cardinal have found the way to communicate with your people and to let them know about your activities and your prayers.

    I am writing you from far away. We (our family of three – my husband Héctor and our son Mateo) live in Montevideo, Uruguay and I was reading about the New Pope´s election when I ran into a link to your blog. I will continue reading your blog.
    Our prayers are with you and also with the other cardinals,

  18. I’m an Italian mother, I have three children, my english is not soo god but I hope to make me understand. when I pray every morning and evening and also my daughter, we pray Jesus and Spirito Santo because we would like you as next Papa.
    We like your way to be prist (prete) and we like frati.
    God bless you.

  19. To the prospect, however remote, that the staff of the Bishop of Rome should end up in the Cardinal’s hands I respond with an ancient Spanish word of hybrid origin: “Ojala!,” which in its original Arabic means something like “May it please Allah!”

  20. Dear Cardinal Sean, the Portuguese-speaking Catholics will be with you in prayers. We don’t forget how tenderly you have looked after the Portuguese-Speaking Communities (Brazilian, Portuguese, Cape-Verdean, Angolan, etc) in the United States! May God inspire you in this election!

  21. Grazie dei vari commenti. Interessanti e puntuali.
    Sono in preghiera per il conclave perché il Signore scelga la persona giusta.

  22. Eminenza preghiamo San Francesco affinché Lei possa essere il nostro Papa.
    Possa Nostro Signore guidare i Cardinali alla scelta di un Papa umile.

  23. I’m Italian and I hope, even if I know that you scared by this, I hope you will be next Holy Father. Pope Francis.
    I prayed for you today at the mass, and a lot of italian hope in Your election. Rome need a man like You, a man humble and strong at the same time. Our church suffered too much, and your great work in Boston cannot be ignorated
    And a person like you will give also a hope for our Italy.

    In Christ

    Andrea Sartori

  24. Hi! I came across this blog due to a link in an Argentinian newspaper []

    I would like to thank you all for the excellent idea of having a blogger Cardinal =)

    By the way, I could not find a direct link to the RSS feed of the blog. I could get it trough the source code of the page, but I think it would be awesome to also have it clearly available in the blog itself.

    Blessings, Lisandro.

  25. We are praying for you and all the Cardinal to be guided by the Holy Spirit. And I fear my prophesy so many years ago may now come to pass , in these difficult times ,I bet you are saying Lord if this cup can pass from me ;). You have walked into the lions den before, God is with you. If you are elected I am coming! Love and prayers, Charlene

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